Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Wildlife PSA

Girls Making Media has helped me a lot with expressing myself. I had a lot of fun with making my video I was also glad I got to make one about something I care about-animals. I've known Quynn for a long time and it was great to see her again. Steph and Sage were a lot of fun too. I'm very glad I got to make a video with these gorgeous ladies. I'll miss them so much!

What we thought !

Julie and I lizz, think that this experience was a good teaching to learn how to create thoughts for girls that are important for us to know. We made this with great help and both of us learned alot. We both agree that we would deffinently do this again. it was a nice experience and stephanie, Quinn, and Sage were kind heart warming and openminded.They help us were very friendly and made it be a good time wether it was a bad day or not. Thank you for this wonderful experience..

Rookies View

Hello there my name is Emma, i've just joined Girls Making Media for the very first time in November. It's a great program I really enjoy it, it's very fun, creative, and very helpful for those just starting out with working with video and audio. Everyone's been nice and fun, i'm looking forward to hopefully working with Girls Making Media (GMM) again in the near future.

First Time with Girls Making Media with alantis

It was my first time making a video. The program Girls Making Media made it easy and fun. I loved making the video especially since it was about something I love and a lot of other people love too, sports. It was simple to find out how to make it, but it was cool. I appreciate all the help I got from the staff and my partner emma. I say, "thank you" to Girls Making Media for helping me with this video and also to my partner emma. I hope I can be back here soon.

Margaret Speaks Out Again

Hello. This is Margaret again. Just wanted to clue you in on what I am up to now. I have been recently working on an eco-ad for the Sonoran Desert Musuem's Green Teen contest. It is coming along quite nicely, but we still have a ways to go. And thanks to Girls Making Media, I have a place to create this ad. Look for the completed ad soon!

Angel's Back

Hey it's Angel i'm back! This studio session i'v been working on a promo for the WomanKraft Art Gallery. I had a great time doing it , i cant wait till December when i come back. Girls Making Media Or GMM is a great opportunity for young women to empower and come out as themselfs. I think by joining GMM you will find your inner beauty and be confident in your own skin.

♥ Angel