Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leilani's Experience in Girls Making Media

I had such a blast these past two Saturdays and can finally say I have entered the digital age with my new ability to create videos!
The hands on learning method was so easy to understand and coming from a person who labels herself technological illiterate that's a a lot to say! I love the fact we used the programs that are available for free in our own laptops (i had no idea about that program) and am so inspired now that I'm saving up to get my own flip camera.

I did two videos on subjects I feel a strong passion for in my community. The first was a PSA to help promote the struggle we are facing in Tucson, AZ on the banning of Ethnic Studies in the Tucson Unified School District.
On May 12, 2010 AZ Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law HB 2281 that when it goes into effect on Dec 31, 2010 all school districts in the state of Arizona will lose 10% of their funding each month if they are caught teaching ethnic studies classes.
I feel so strongly about this issue because I was an ethnic studies student when I attended Tucson High and know for a fact I can trace back my gain of self-confidence and a voice to these classes. I wish the best for my former teachers who are now some the 11 plaintiffs taking the state of Arizona to court.
I hope everyone learns of our struggle.

The next issue I took on was a Dia de los Muertos message for the 253 recovered bodies of migrants found on the US/MX border this fiscal year of 10/1/09-9/30/10 only in the state of Arizona and just on the US side. That number consists of men, women and children who year after year since the enactment of NAFTA, were funneled into our Arizona desert due to the increased militarization on the main city border points of entry. So much human suffering and dehumanization is taking place in our border communities that I have promised to commit my life to spreading the knowledge out there that all these deaths are not just a coincidence, but were planned.

I hope you all like my videos and get a small glimpse into the world of social activism that I live today.

In love and solidarity,

Emma's Expirence

Hey this is Emma from Girls Making Media here for my first session as "Youth Instructor", it's exciting working with these young girls to see what subjects they come up with and what their thoughts are which are often pretty strong thoughts that really need to be heard, it's fun to see how creative everyone can be (:
also in my experiences while being involved with Girls Making Media has been doing a segment with a local morning show (The Morning Blend) in Tucson, AZ.. It was actually pretty fun and exciting doing live television, of course I was a bit nervous but in the end it didn't matter. Everything has been fun, Thanks Quynn! (:

You Are Beautiful, By Angel

Heyaaa Angel here. I love Girls Making Media!! I'm so glad I came back, now as an intern!! I helped my sister Kylie with her video segment, and I worked on my own segment called "You're Beautiful!" I made this video because, everyone is beautiful. Most girls think the are not, but they are!! Girls Making Media is so fun!!

- Angel

annabeth's video

I made a video about beauty because I never understood why all those famous people tried so hard to look a certain way.I always thought it was unessesary and dumb to start or follow trends, so I made this video for those who are influenced by trends.

I got the idea because my friend Hannah mentioned it at the park one day. We discussed how girls and women worried about beauty and got overworked about it.I made a video with her and one by myself.At first I didn't know what to say,so I ended up reshooting it.I put photos of pop stars for viewers to grasp what I was talking about.I hope this video will make a difference in the lives of girls around the world.

Physical Beauty With Hannah

Hi, my name is Hannah, and I made a video about physical beauty. I have learned a lot at Girls Making Media. One of the things I learned is how to edit a video, and about how to get your message out to society. I am glad that I did this class, it has been a cool experience.

Kylies Experience

Hi, this is Kylie. I just finished a video about friendship. I had alot of fun working with Quynn, my sister Angel, and the other girls.