Saturday, October 24, 2009

Making a PSA

This is Katelyn sounding off on my experience with the Girls Making Media PSA training program. I learned a lot about digital media and how to craft a short, hard hitting message for distribution. As someone who has written about the importance of giving girls a voice as cultural producers in the past, it was really awesome to actually take part in the program and gain some hands-on experience. The Girls Making Media program helped me to develop the skills needed to get the word out about the issues that are taking a toll on women and girls in this digital age. It was really empowering to be able to respond, publicly, to an issue that I care about so deeply. I will definitely will be using the skills that I learned during this program in the future! I am really grateful that a program like this exists for girls and young women. Thanks so much to Qynn, Stephanie, and the other program participants for giving me this opportunity and for helping me to make my first PSA!

An awesome experience

It was really amazing to be apart of Girls Making Media. I love being apart of this project because its for a good cause and it gets issues out there that need to be addressed. I was also able to learn new computer skills that could be very valuable to me in the future.Working on this project was a pleasure, and I would definitly love to do this again. The people I worked with were easy to get along with and had very good ideas. Thank you Quynn and Stephanie for allowing me to participate and guiding me in my project.-- Julie Barnett age 21

What a blast :)

Hey this is Hannah, age 17, Tucson, AZ.
I truly think this is the best PSA I have ever done. I have worked a lot with video equipment before and I have experience in PSA and documentary filmmaking. I believe that this was the best one I've made. Working with Girls Making Media was so great.
When I signed up I was just looking for something interesting to do and I was hoping to meet new people. I had SO MUCH FUN! This was a blast! I felt so inspired and the area was so open and free and I felt so comfortable. I was nervous coming in but in no time, I felt right at home.
The other girls were so nice and the instructors knew a lot. I never expected to have such a great experience. I liked the programs we used and how easy it was. All of us created such incredible PSAs and we worked really hard.
I like that it didnt take up a lot of time and you could go at your own pace. I felt that I could really express my creative spirit here and it was welcomed.
My favorite part was at the end watching the final version of my PSA and how proud I felt inside.
I look forward to seeing what the girls from the next sessions come up with next! I had a lot of fun and I am so proud of myself.
Thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful experience :)

Girls Making Media Beginning Session #1!

Hannah, Candy, Julie and Katelyn are the participants in the first session of GMM this year. Each young woman wrote and created a powerful PSA about a subject of importance to them, and to girls/women...

Margaret's Voice

Hello, my name is Margaret. I was one of the participants in GMM studio session one. Girls Making Media has taught me so many wonderful ways to accomplish digital tasks. I have learned how to use Windows Movie Maker to help me create movies with audio and clips. Not only have I learned about digital arts, I have learned how to boost self-esteem, voice opinions, and share ideas. GMM has helped me realize that I am beautiful inside and out. I would recommend this class to any young women who needs help with digital arts or who just wants to come hang out and make movies with some truly talented people.

Coming back to the Girls Making Media studio


I was very excited to come back to the WomanKraft Art Studio. I was excited to see the computers, the microphone, and the, very pink, floral wallpaper. The last time I was here was maybe a year ago, when two other girls, who have now become my friends, helped me on my quest to save the insecure-teen world from bad body image. This time I had come back to find three new girls, a new doggy friend, and a smooth-voiced woman wanting to learn as much as I did.

This time we were creating a promotional video for the, amazing, program now known as Girls Making Media. I really enjoyed this experience, mainly because this time I was making a video for a program that I didn't know much about. I mean, I knew that Girls Making Media was a program for women to, well, make media, but what I didn't realize was that there is much more behind these studio sessions. I didn't realize ,until I got here, that this is a place where girls, and women, can feel comfortable with themselves, their bodies, and their ability to make a difference through media.

This time, I learned how to put a video within a video. We were able to record a short clip of video, cut out the sound, overlap the video with the sound recording we had previously recorded, and put this clip, pictures, and effects together. I learned how to make a video that wasn't limited by my knowledge of only knowing how to use photos, which is probably what I enjoyed the most. I enjoyed knowing that my knowledge of technology had grown over the course of three studio sessions.

I suppose this was a transition into making media for causes, instead of about them. Maybe even a transition into a creating videos as a job, instead of just for play. Technology has always been fun for me and after doing these Girls Making Media programs I have found that I'm much more comfortable playing around on the computer and creating videos. I plan on coming back here, back to this room where ideas are never limited, where I can make a difference, and where I can look at out of place sinks, and pink, floral wallpaper.

Girls Making Media- My Experience.

This is Paloma. ^_^

1. From a scale from one to five, my experience in this field was a four.

2. I do have computer and digital art tools outside of this program. I have a computer, camera, and video camera.

3. My favorite part of the program was finding new freinds, and speaking up for myself.

4. The program was awesome, and I wasn't discontent with the program.

5. I think that I will use the MovieMaker skills most often because I make movies myself.

6. I am interested in learning advanced skills through "GMG" because it will look good in my job resume.

7. I want to participate in "GMG" in the future becuase I learn many things.

8. I think that bullying affects young women. We need to inform young individuals about bullying, and tell them to stand up for themselves.

9. I am part of the Googleplex online editorial board, Santa Cruz Parish, and Girls Making Media.

The thoughts of Angel

This is Angel. At Girls Making Media I learned how to import and work with audio and video. GMM is a class where you can express yourself and your opinions. You can be confortable as yourself and in your body. I would love to do GMM again. Last year i was in GMM session 5 this year im in studio session 1. I think that many young girls should join Girls Making Media. Come join the GMM community.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The end of Session 1 Studio!

Margaret, Angel, Flora and Paloma, the four Girls Making Media who are starting off this year's season of classes. They are creating a promo for the Girls Making Media program. Who better to make a recruitment video than participants from last year!? They came up with their own statements, wrote them, recorded and edited them. Then they worked in teams to put video and still photos shot of them with the audio. We had a great time, and thank you for the inspiration to have a great year 2009-2010!