Saturday, October 24, 2009

Coming back to the Girls Making Media studio


I was very excited to come back to the WomanKraft Art Studio. I was excited to see the computers, the microphone, and the, very pink, floral wallpaper. The last time I was here was maybe a year ago, when two other girls, who have now become my friends, helped me on my quest to save the insecure-teen world from bad body image. This time I had come back to find three new girls, a new doggy friend, and a smooth-voiced woman wanting to learn as much as I did.

This time we were creating a promotional video for the, amazing, program now known as Girls Making Media. I really enjoyed this experience, mainly because this time I was making a video for a program that I didn't know much about. I mean, I knew that Girls Making Media was a program for women to, well, make media, but what I didn't realize was that there is much more behind these studio sessions. I didn't realize ,until I got here, that this is a place where girls, and women, can feel comfortable with themselves, their bodies, and their ability to make a difference through media.

This time, I learned how to put a video within a video. We were able to record a short clip of video, cut out the sound, overlap the video with the sound recording we had previously recorded, and put this clip, pictures, and effects together. I learned how to make a video that wasn't limited by my knowledge of only knowing how to use photos, which is probably what I enjoyed the most. I enjoyed knowing that my knowledge of technology had grown over the course of three studio sessions.

I suppose this was a transition into making media for causes, instead of about them. Maybe even a transition into a creating videos as a job, instead of just for play. Technology has always been fun for me and after doing these Girls Making Media programs I have found that I'm much more comfortable playing around on the computer and creating videos. I plan on coming back here, back to this room where ideas are never limited, where I can make a difference, and where I can look at out of place sinks, and pink, floral wallpaper.

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