Promo Production

Welcome to the Girls Making Media Promo Production Department! 

How does it work?

Text and photos are great, but People want to watch and hear about you!  Media segments on your website share your story in a way that text cannot.  Young women and girls are perfect media producers for your promotional production job!

Girls Making Media works with non-profits, organizations, artists, woman-owned businesses and good causes that need promotional media segments, yet don’t have a “Hollywood” budget.

1 minute promos in both audio and video!

Whether you want a 1 minute segment highlighting an upcoming event, or a 5 minute tell-all about your good works, Girls Making Media specializes in short form media and promo creation.  Audio only, or video.

When GMM Productions is hired to complete a promo, Quin will work with the representative of the organization to decide how best to complete the segment in a timely manner to the organization's specifications:

The simplest form of Promo ( 1 min) includes:

-creating a script from website or approved materials that can be recorded as a voice over

-recording (video and/or audio) a member of the organization, or a GMM intern,  for the voice over

-gathering and arranging still photos and/or videos to go with the voice over, that tell the desired story

-editing the parts together to create a multimedia showcase of your mission, event or history.

Finished Products: video file uploadable to web and high resolution version for DVD

Also available: longer videos created for quotable price depending on complexity.

 Your organization's video job helps young media makers create job skills while supporting a non-profit organization!

If you are a representative of an organization, or an individual, who would like to have a GMM Studio Intern create a promo for you, contact Quin for more information about details and cost!