Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Second Session

This is Emma here for the second time with Girls Making Media. Just as in the previous session i had a lot of fun creating these projects, this time i got to do a project in aviation which is something i am really interested in so to be able to do a project about it was very exciting! Thanks, and i look forward to hopefully joining another session. (:

Amy-National Women's history month

I love girls making media! I'm Amy and here at Girls making media I learned about National women's months, and all different types of equality. There is so much to learn about media! The most important thing to me that I am learning about media is how to edit audio. There's so much to learn here, and it's all really important-you should sign up.

This...was...AWSOME♥ =)

Hello, This is Lani here. ^__^I really enjoyed this program for the past 2 saturdays. I have learned a lot about movie editing and sound editing as well. I have worked with Window Movie Maker ever since the beginning of 2008, and worked with Pinnacle Studios. However, I never thought that I would be able to work with the movie making program that I have always dreamt of using: Sony Vegas Platinum. =) It was really cool, and I was opened up to many effects that I can use. Along with that, I was amazed at the program that I got to use for sound editing: Sound Forge 7.0. I have worked with mixing audio in the past, but I have always done it the hard way with Windows Movie Maker. =P This has really helped me out a lot and I feel so grateful that I got to use that program. I hope that I can continue to expand my movie making utensils, but that is if we get the money lol. I am usually working with clips from Japanese anime during my free time, and when I was given a specific topic this time, I thought it would be challenging. When I got some of it done the first week, though, it got really fun and I learned a lot about International Women's Day. I hope to do more in the future because this was too cool.


My Video for the DNA Project!

Hey there, my name is Maggie. I've worked with Quynn for over 4 years and my most recent project is an intro for her Digital Nature Archive Project. It was so interesting working with the project and seeing all the beautiful landscapes across the Western United States.

Hey! It's Paloma here!

I have made a new PSA with the help of Haile Thomas. :) We worked soooo hard on the video! It will be shown at the 2nd Annual Sonoran Science Academy Literacy night. I hope that the people here will enjoy the PSA. Hopefully, there will be a standing ovation!

Haile and I had soooo much fun making this video. She is soooo intelligent. She is a young individual with many talents. Haile is a very hard-working and diligent person. For a nine year old, could never expect anyone to be so mature! I hope to work with her another time because we seemed to get along well.

The video is most likely going to be a success on the date of the appearance. This video was about literacy. It contained many facts about reading in general. I hope that many people become aware of illiteracy in our community and how education is failing many in Arizona. Did you know that teachers are the lowest paid in the nation? In my opinion, teachers deserve more money because they create the foundation of childrens' lives. I hope that the government leaders get their priorities straight. The children are our future, and we will be in their hands when we grow older.

I loved that I could work for such a reliable organization. Girls Making Media is such a great way to relax, hang out, and be yourself! Of course, there is work to do. But, all of the projects that we create are fun and educational. I hope that I have another wonderful opportunity to work in partnership with GMM.
Paloma McKenna~

First time video

My name is Haile Thomas and this is my first time making a video with Girls Making Media. It was really fun making a video, and the best part about it was when I placed the video's in the right order, and learned how to use Windows Media Maker. It was an amazing experince it was good to learn about Windows Media Maker. I had an excellent time!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hey its Angel :)
This session I worked with my friend Nautica on a Girls Making Media Coalition which we are sending to Ghana, Africa. I had so much fun working on this project I am now assuming a leadership role as a good will ambassador in the Coalition. I helped Nautica with Movie Maker and Sound Forge. I can't wait for next session when I come back and be a assistant. I ALWAYS love coming to the studio and working with Stephanie and Quinn.

Nautica Girls Making Media

Thoughts: I worked on a video invitation to Girls Making Media in Ghana. I am getting a chance to learn about Coalitions, and this is my first time as Good Will ambassador. I'm learning about computers as I don't have one at home. Angel my TA knows so much and helps me I have learned alot.