Saturday, February 20, 2010

This...was...AWSOME♥ =)

Hello, This is Lani here. ^__^I really enjoyed this program for the past 2 saturdays. I have learned a lot about movie editing and sound editing as well. I have worked with Window Movie Maker ever since the beginning of 2008, and worked with Pinnacle Studios. However, I never thought that I would be able to work with the movie making program that I have always dreamt of using: Sony Vegas Platinum. =) It was really cool, and I was opened up to many effects that I can use. Along with that, I was amazed at the program that I got to use for sound editing: Sound Forge 7.0. I have worked with mixing audio in the past, but I have always done it the hard way with Windows Movie Maker. =P This has really helped me out a lot and I feel so grateful that I got to use that program. I hope that I can continue to expand my movie making utensils, but that is if we get the money lol. I am usually working with clips from Japanese anime during my free time, and when I was given a specific topic this time, I thought it would be challenging. When I got some of it done the first week, though, it got really fun and I learned a lot about International Women's Day. I hope to do more in the future because this was too cool.


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