Saturday, March 19, 2011

Angel Here

Ayo, so today I helped Amanda with her first GMM video we filmed and edited it. I also helped Myranda with her filming. I have been working on some secret projects that will be aired at the showcase! I am working on a bloopers video and some other stuff for the showcase.
Neverr Say Never

Myranda's First Video!

I thought that making a video was fun and I liked it but, it was to much work but it was worth it and my sissy taty should of come because my mom and my entire family will be very proud of me. my name is myranda corrales and im 11 years old and i had my first experience making my own video on youtube. other kids see if you can make your own video at girls making media. farwell!

amanda is here in the studio

This year is my frist year in Grils Making Media. And this is my frist movie ever made in a long time. But I was shy the frist day and I did not know what to do at all. But my experience in Girls Making Media was a BLAST here making my frist vedio in my hole life. And for people that has not made a move before you should try it is a Blast making a movie because you get to meet new friends and many other friends too. And that other people can meet friends too. YOU SHOULD TRY IT IS A BLAST .

Just completed Melanie Lenart's Episode 2!

Margaret Here! I am just now rendering Melanie Lenart's second episode right now! Finally, one step closer to completing all the episodes and getting ready for the showcase on April 30th! Look out for Melanie's second episode on youtube; this time she will be talking about tipping points and what they do to our earth. Hope to see everyone at the Showcase!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I came back a 3rd time for Girls Making Media to do a TEXTING WHILE DRIVING PSA with my two best friends. The great thing about free speech and media tools is when used together you can really make a difference. We were able to collaborate creatively on stressing the importance of not texting while driving in a light yet empowering way. I am very proud to have been one more voice in this movement!

I feel when important subjects such as this one are spoken about in different ways and by different voices, more people will resonate, and a greater change will occur! Powerful stuff!!

Thanks Girls Making Media for being am inspirational resource for young gals :)