Saturday, October 24, 2009

Girls Making Media- My Experience.

This is Paloma. ^_^

1. From a scale from one to five, my experience in this field was a four.

2. I do have computer and digital art tools outside of this program. I have a computer, camera, and video camera.

3. My favorite part of the program was finding new freinds, and speaking up for myself.

4. The program was awesome, and I wasn't discontent with the program.

5. I think that I will use the MovieMaker skills most often because I make movies myself.

6. I am interested in learning advanced skills through "GMG" because it will look good in my job resume.

7. I want to participate in "GMG" in the future becuase I learn many things.

8. I think that bullying affects young women. We need to inform young individuals about bullying, and tell them to stand up for themselves.

9. I am part of the Googleplex online editorial board, Santa Cruz Parish, and Girls Making Media.

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