Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paloma's blog post-

This is my second session at GMM. I feel comfortable being here; knowing that other girls come here to learn about important things, as well as informing others about them.
I did a PSA about Relational Aggression- A type of girl Bullying. I got the idea because bullying was a problem at my school. It has seemed that the teachers, faculty, and other peers did not understand the severity of this problem. How could they not understand? It felt like they were never in our position, (being called names, bullied, and victimized).
One day in Christian Living Class, The Principal and Assistant Principal were talking to us about our groups, or cliques. They referred to it as "girl talk". One leader asked why we couldn't sit in one big group. Most people answered that they felt very comfortable in a particular spot. Others said that they had conflict with others in the past, and did not want to go through the grief once more. We all felt like the Leaders in our school did not know our bullying problem.
I decided to participate in the making of a informative video. I wanted to show the world how we can help this unhealthy conflict. When I had gotten to my second session, I was informed that there was a seminar that helped girls, and their problems with bullying. I found out what Relational Aggression was, and I set off to work. Here I am, blogging to you about my accomplishments.
I give a special thanks to Quynn, A GMM representative and leader. She had invited me to do Girls Making Media, and I am glad that I had participated. I have learned so many things in these sessions. I love working here because I want to make a difference in the world.
I had a lot of fun creating the video. If you saw the RA video, you can see that I am the bully in the beginning segment. You may ask- "Who is that other person?" She is Margaret, another participant in girls making media. She is one of my freinds, and I am not a bully in real life. I may look mean, ( with my cool leather jacket :) ) but I would never bully anyone. After I heard the side-effects of RA, It wants me to be a better person.
Until Next Time- Paloma.

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