Monday, December 6, 2010

Making Media with GMM

Hi it's Haile!!

That's me above editing audio files at Girls Making Media back in October. It was so much fun!!

I had the best opportunity to work one on one with Quynn Elizabeth and it was so cool because she is so good at everything with media, and she made it seem very easy. Specifically, I learned how to edit audio files and I was so proud of myself because with her help, I was able to edit some audio files that my sister and I recorded that very same day for our cooking show.

My subject was all about healthy eating and cooking and Quynn was very encouraging and supportive about me doing that project. I think she is a great teacher because she explained a lot of tricks to editing audio, and then putting the voice recording together with pictures.

The very best part was in the end our teamwork resulted in a promotional video for our cooking show that was shown on TV!! So exciting, my sister and I got to cook on Channel 9 and our Girls Making Media video was shown. Check out the video below.

I also got some tips about how to speak into the microphone correctly. It was fun, I got to create something great to use to help me spread my message about kids cooking and eating healthy, and It was a great experience. I can't wait to do another session!

Bye!! until next time, this is Haile signing out!! :-)

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